Luxury Remixed

Edgy and sophisticated jewelry with a nod to the past.

Catena Collection

Our Catena Collection is inspired by the chain-link fences that are ubiquitous to Brookllyn. “Catena” is the Latin for “chain”. Each piece represents the links between us and affirms “In Unity There is Strength” (also Brooklyn’s motto)

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Token Collection

Inspired by New York City’s iconic subway tokens these modern designs are infused with fun, versatility, and city history. Whether for purposeful gifting, or for treating yourself, tokens can be playfully redeemed for an adventure, wish, or a lifetime of devotion.

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Factory Collection

Industrial rivets and architectural details are elements influencing the Factory Collection. Here, inner strength and balance found through Brooklyn spaces are reflected in precious metal, enamel, and the wearer.

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Landmark Collection

The Landmark Collection celebrates the details of everyday Brooklyn: from stars on masonry anchors, to keystone doorways and cobble stone streets. Here is where local craftsmanship meets inspiration. Elevate your style with a borough soul.

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Inspired by Brooklyn architecture and design that has lasted generations Brookland jewelry is an authentic reflection of the place where it’s made

Meticulously crafted from reclaimed precious metals and fine gemstones it has integrity that you can see and feel

Brookland jewelry is modern American luxury for those who are creating their own legacy

Edge of Glory

Brookland Jewelry is a mix of edgy and sophisticated jewelry with a nod to the past. We have a strong commitment to reinventing tradition while creating modern luxury jewelry exclusively in Brooklyn.