Made in Brooklyn
Make it Your Own

Your style is your signature. Enduring but undeniably modern. A creative mix of past and present, casual and refined, high and low. Influenced by everything you experience yet uniquely yours. As confident and independent as your spirit.

Like you, Brooklyn is rooted in the past but never bound by it. Every day here is a reinvention of tradition into innovation. A fusion of strength and elegance. Form that celebrates function and is all the more beautiful because of it. It’s not the heart of New York, it’s the soul.

Introducing Brookland: modern luxury designed and handmade exclusively in Brooklyn, New York. Wrought from reclaimed precious metal and fine gems by skilled craftsmen in our waterfront workshop. Endlessly inspired by the passion of our city’s makers and dreamers.


Brookland Jewelry shares a deep commitment for adopting sustainability initiatives as a part of its Environmental Stewardship strategy.

We aim to set higher standards of excellence in both our products and corporate standing in the marketplace. With all of our manufacturing components located in-house, our innovative application of time-tested techniques and direct oversight of chain of custody provides our customerwith a sense of inexorable satisfaction.

Our determination to minimize negative impact on the planet guides management structure and internal processes towards continued development and environmental sustainability. To our suppliers, the importance of responsible mining and sourcing is key to maintaining environmental standards, social accountability and protecting basic human rights. We live by this Golden Rule so we will never buy products (precious metals, gems, etc.) from sources we do not trust.

Our company culture is centered on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of each person and is emphasized by our efforts to help underdeveloped communities around the world.

Brookland employs some of the most talented craftsmen New York City has to offer. While many manufacturing plants have moved overseas, we’ve planted our feet firmly at home, working in the midst of the fashion world and encouraging others to witness the artistry and philosophy behind each piece we make. Brookland Jewelry is proudly Brooklyn Made.

Brookland is making a difference. We are devoted to creating positive impacts throughout the supply chain and investing in the local communities with fair trade practices. These actions will help to safeguard our environment and raise the standard of living for all.

We are on the path to becoming a Certified Green jewelry manufacturing company. Being environmentally accountable also means salvaging, recycling and reusing precious metals supplied by reliable and certified sources as well as using gemstones derived from conflict-free areas.

Our desire is to preserve and protect what we have been given so that future generations can enjoy the immense beauty of this world.